How to identify Swiss watch replicas

The offer of replica Swiss watches online is more than enough. We provide you with a brief guide to detecting counterfeits in the absence of a watchmaker’s specialized eye.

First of all, there are no genuine Swiss watches whose price has miraculously dropped a few thousand euros overnight.

You won’t find Rolex, Omega,Breitling, Panerai, or any other prestigious brand,waiting for customers at a fair, or in a place that guarantees the quality and authenticity of the machinery.

Cómo identificar las réplicas de relojes suizos

Branded watches should only be purchased through authorized distributors, or trusted persons, otherwise, of course, they will choose a counterfeit.

Many sites are against imitations, no matter what names circulate. Generally speaking, we can tell you which ones are fake, but online stores that offer replicas of Swiss watches abound.

With the promise of having original machinery for only 600 euros, expect the best positions in Google searches. And so, we meet a lot of people who think they’ve done a great deal, and they have an imitation on their wrist.

In this post we offer a number of tips so you can quickly recognize if your watch is fake without the intervention of a specialized person.

Details of a fake watch

A close look at the details of a counterfeit watch immediately shows its true value. Dials and index marks, material quality and belt are indices that make reproduction easier.

The look of a new watch should be perfect in the finish, from the hand strap to the case cover. The information on the back is engraved (with a clear and high quality engraving) and is not dyed, the glass is made of sapphire crystal and not glass. Any deviation is most likely a forgery.

If the defects are not so obvious that they can be observed with the naked eye, a direct comparison with an original one should resolve the doubt.

Technical qualities

No, it is not normal that once the control is pressed, the chronograph indicator does not return to its original position. No, it’s not right for one of the buttons to be locked. Often, beyond the indicated time, fake watches cannot reproduce the other features of the original models.

Clearly, when the crown or any other means of control does not work, the function that fits, we talk about false. If the watch a friend made you as a gift delays the time a little every day, then we have bad news.

Fake boxes

Replica Swiss watches are usually accompanied by boxes and guarantees of their authenticity. Some of them are obvious, taken from a photocopier, others seem real.

Manufacturers have already copied an entire watch. Why would it be hard to copy some papers? Everything can be reproduced, and sellers who trade will usually tell you to sell them that are original.

Price of Swiss watch replicas

As we said earlier, the discounts for Swiss watches are not higher (except in absolutely exceptional cases) to 50%. Never will a real watch sell for less than that.

No matter how little you have to spend, counterfeiting is not a solution. Even if it looks good at the time of purchase, a counterfeit will deteriorate rapidly, due to the lower quality of the materials with which it was produced, from the casing to the mechanism.

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