Swiss military watches, features and models

Swiss military watches are men’s watches that attract both for their appearance and for their strength and performance. First reserved for soldiers to carry in the most extreme conditions, they are now accessible to all and with a determined tendency.

If you’re looking for a watch to accompany you everywhere in your outdoor activities, here it is! With its waterproof NATO khaki strap and classic retro casual and masculine style. Remember some watches worn by U.S. Army soldiers.

Características que debe tener los relojes suizos militares

Many Swiss military watches, have a decidedly vintage look,which should attract fans of military watches with a touch of originality.

Between the square cellulose acetate case, the black dial and the orange seconds hand, you get a dynamic look, with the right military look thanks to nato’s khaki color and waterproof strap. Know that it is also interchangeable if you want to choose another tone.

Features of Swiss military watches

Additional features vary from make and model to make, but it’s good to have the most common ones. These extras include a barometer, an altimeter, a thermometer, and direction and navigation functions, such as a basic compass.

Also, if you’re looking for the best tactical clock, you can also know where it was made.


Even if you don’t swim or dive, get a military watch that’s at least waterproof, because when you’re in nature, anything can happen.

You can get caught in a rainstorm by bike, meet a river on a hike, or maybe just spill water on you during a break to cool off.


When you’re on an outdoor adventure, you’re exposed to harsh conditions. Choose a scratch and shock resistant watch that won’t stop after a few feet of fall.

Long-lasting battery life

Get military watches that have good quality batteries, because you never know when they will run out. You could be outdoors when the batteries run out and you won’t get a chance to change them.

If you can find the best military watch for you that’s kinetic or solar, then it’ll be great. You wouldn’t have to worry about changing or recharging the batteries.


Sometimes it’s not enough to look up at the sky to get to know the weather. You can say that the sky seems clear, so you will have a sunny day, but there could be a sudden change in temperature, so you need a more accurate tool.

A fully functional barometer measures the barometric pressure of the environment, which can alert you to a storm.


It’s also good to have an altimeter on a watch, especially if you’re walking in the mountains or doing something similar.

The altimeter is used to measure altitude. You’d be able to measure how high you’re located, which can be helpful in surviving in emergency situations.


You may lose notion of your own body temperature when faced with extreme conditions. A thermometer will help you control your temperature from time to time.


Most Swiss military watches have at least one decent beat. It’s the first tool you need when you’re away, it’s really important.

Some high-end military tactical watches not only have a compass, they also have an integrated GPS or a global positioning system. So, if you get lost in the woods, a GPS can help you locate it easily.

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